We find ourselves in an election year and accomplished and award-winning music producer, Appietus has taken to social media questioning President Akufo Addo for not fulfilling his promises to the Creative Arts industry.

According to him, he campaigned vigorously for President Akufo Addo towards the 2016 elections and as such expected him to have fulfilled the election promises he made to the Creative Arts industry.

Appietus has noted that its just about five months to the December 2020 elections and he can say for a fact that none of the President’s promises have been fulfilled.

Its only realistic to note that the President would not be able to fulfil all his promises to the Creative Arts Industry but to say that none of the promises have not been met is really a serious thing to say.

It would rather be appropriate if all the promises given by the President prior to the 2016 elections are noted down and then checks are made to verify if they have been met or otherwise.

It must be emphasized that before the 2016 elections, several showbiz personalities campaigned for Nana Akufo Addo of the New Patriotic Party to win the elections.

Obviously not all personalities within the showbiz industry are satisfied with President Akufo Addo but one cannot tell if it would have an adverse effect in getting him a second term as President of Ghana.