Ghanaian actress and TV Personality, Benedicta Gaffah has added her voice in the condemnation of the death of 90-year old Akua Denteh who was accused of being a witch.

According to her, all witch camps in the country should be closed down as it inhumane to think that old women are witches.

Benedicta Gaffah who indicated that she had just watched the video of the murder of Akua Denteh , has indicated that she is so distraught and as such finds it difficult putting how she feels into writing.

She is baffled about how people could take the law into their own hands by stoning an old woman to death because she is alleged to be a witch.

Benedicta Gaffah has further stated that God has not given anyone the power to stone another person to death as judgement adding that justice need to be sought for the old lady and her family.

The barbaric stoning of Akua Denteh continues to raise concerns among Ghanaians with many people condemning the act.

It is rather surprising to understand how come no one decided to rescue the old woman.

During the bizzare act, wasn’t any of her relatives present?

As a matter of urgency, justice must be served to the old lady as well as her family and all those responsible for her death should be made to face the laws of the land.