Shatta Wale and Beyonce
Shatta Wale and Beyonce

Its historic and just within 5 hours of the release of Beyonce’s ‘Already’ music video featuring Shatta Wale, it has already recorded over 500K views on YouTube.

It would not come as a surprise if it is able to hit over 1 Million views within 24 hours.

As a matter of fact, many thought Shatta Wale was telling a lie when he indicated that he had already shot the music video with Beyonce.

Many people were expecting him to flaunt social media with some pictures and videos before they believe ,but he never did such a thing.

For now, Shatta Wale seems to have raised the bar for all Ghanaian musicians and without a doubt, he stands unchallenged as the biggest artiste in Ghana.

Which other Ghanaian artiste has a collaboration as huge as the one he has with Beyonce? None!

With the ‘Already’ music video out, Shatta Wale now gets the bragging rights over all other Ghanaian artistes and internationally, his rating is going to soar higher with much more opportunities.

Considering the video itself , its obvious so much work into it. Having top-notch directors working on it, different techniques and locations used as well as other factors all contributed in having a great video.

It is obvious that some parts of the video were shot in Accra which indicates that Beyonce was in Ghana but managed to keep her cool and no one even realise she had come into the country.

Just take a look at the video and confirm if Shatta Wale isn’t a legend.