Ghanaian Rapper, D’Black hasnt been so much active on the Ghana music and may have been attending to other important and money-making ventures.

At a time when Ghanaian musicians are complaining that there is no money in music ,others are singing a different tune.

Based on the fact that D’Black has a lot he is engaged in so far as business is concerned , it is set to reflect in his financial status.

In that regard, Ghanaian rapper, has taken to social media to give his fans a gist of his financial standing and its quite motivating.

Its a fact that apart from the business of music, D’Black is engaged in other ventures that yield him some extra revenue and as such ,he has indicated that in a year or less, he is going to be a millionaire so far as the currency dollar is concerned.

Becoming a millionaire even with respect to Ghana cedis is a huge achievement but in the case of the rapper, he talks about dollars.

This to a larger extent ,speaks volume of how wealthy and financially comfortable D’Black is and would continue to be.

Note that even one million dollars is equivalent to over 5 million Ghana and its quite a big deal.

Remember that just 100,000 Ghana cedis is just the same as 1 Billion in the old Ghana cedis.