Due to the fact that the ‘Already’ music video by Beyonce featuring Shatta Wale has become a reality, many are those who are hailing Shatta Wale as the King of Ghana music.

For most people this is undebatable due to all his exploits on the Ghana music scene , his achievements in and out of the country and most importantly the recognition accorded him with respect to the collaboration with Beyonce.

However, Ghanaian actor and local Jesus , Mmebusem has a different perception about the King of Ghana music tag placed on Shatta Wale.

According to him, Shatta Wale is not yet the King of Ghana music.

He has noted that the only thing left now is for Beyonce to post a particular picture of herself and Shatta Wale on her Instagram page before Shatta Wale can finally be declared as the King of Ghana Music.

Do you agree with Mmebusem?

Is it not right that by the works and achievements of the Reggae Dancehall superstar, he indeed is the King of Ghana Music.

In the instance that Beyonce does not post their picture on Instagram, would it still be fair to say that he is not the King of Ghana Music?

The King of Ghana Music has already been placed on Shatta Wale and obviously posting of a picture by Beyonce before accepting that fact is needless.