As a matter of fact, Ghanaian female artiste, Wendy Shay seems to have gained so much confidence on the music scene and it reflects in her utterances.

So far as there is so much talk about Beyonce and Shatta Wale, she would by all means possible try to make herself relevant in the discussions thereof.

With respect to the Beyonce-Shatta Wale ‘Already’ music video, Wendy Shay has already stated that she and Beyonce look so much alike.

Now she has taken to social media to indicate that she is Ghana’s Beyonce.

All over the world , the hits songs, achievements and successes chalked by Beyonce are known and in no way does Wendy Shay comes close to her.

However , she likens herself to the US music superstar.

Wendy Shay showing her confidence has also disclosed that she is a National Asset and she needs to be protected as such.

Without any doubt, it is obvious that Wendy Shay also wants some amount of attention to herself.

How long has Wendy Shay been on the music scene to compare herself to Beyonce?

What international hit songs does she even have to warrant her to say that she is Ghana’s Beyonce?

So far as showbiz is concerned, let’s leave her to blow her own horn and compare herself to Beyonce.