Ghanaian female musician, Mzbel has opened up on how she and some of ladies in her household were raped some years back.

According to her, some armed robbers attacked her household and managed to rape her and some other ladies

.She has indicated that their ordeal was quite a hurtful one especially as one of the ladies in her house who was pregnant was also raped.

Mzbel further disclosed Ghana Police could not do much to fish out the perpetrators but luckily for them, they noticed one of the rapers at a beach and thereafter they prompted a police man at the beach who effected the arrest of the rapist.

The rapist upon interrogation gave out the identities of his accomplices who were also arrested and placed in police custody.

However, all the rapists managed to escape from police custody and have still not been arrested again.

Mzbel further intimated that Ghanaians did not show her any support at all but management of Erata Hotel in Accra showed her so much care.

Mzbel together with her household who were raped were made to stay at Erata Hotel for two months and were fed throughout the period.

In a bid to make sure they were all fine, they all had to be tested for HIV/AIDS.

Fortunately none of them tested positive for HIV/AIDS.