Even though the collection of payola by radio presenters is an illegal act, Afia Schwarzenegger has taken to social media accusing Captain Planet of owing her some payola.

How possible can it be to accuse someone of an act which in itself is illegal by all standards ?

Surprisingly it has been established that Captain Planet hasn’t paid the payola for ten years now.

However, Afia Schwarzenegger maintains that Captain Planet is still his friend even though he hasn’t paid the payola.

The loud and controversial Ghanaian female celebrity took to social media to make these known on the occasion of Captain Planet’s birthday yesterday August 11,2020.

It seems Captain Planet has no intention of paying the payola as he has indicated that the agreement he had with Afia has expired.

She has emphasized that she would get hold of the Ghanaian musician soon.

What at all can Afia Schwarzenegger do to him so far as the payola is concerned.