So many people get star-struck and in some instances fall in love whenever they meet certain celebrities for the very first time in real life.

Unfortunately ,it seems emerging Ghanaian Reggae Dancehall artiste ,J.Derobie seem to have found himself in such an awkward situation.

The young budding talent and superstar has taken to social media to ‘confess’ that he is falling in love with Ghanaian actress, Nikki Samonas.

Love at first sight !

According to him, first time meeting the Ghanaian actress is awesome.

For now , he has indicated that he is falling in love with Nikki Samonas but its quite uncertain if anything fruitful would come out of this relationship.

This is so especially due to the fact that Nikki Samonas seem to be older than J.Derobie and more established in the showbiz industry than him.

Regardless, anything is possible in this world but as to whether J.Derobie’s ‘love’ is real love but not infatuation, it’s just a matter of time.