Few days ago, the Honourable Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong has been in the news for apologizing to the Judiciary.

He had no other option than to apologise after he had used some unpalatable words against the judiciary on Net 2TV’s The Seat.

It would be recalled that on an edition of the show, he got angry and said some unpleasant words against the judiciary due to the fact that he had been served with some writs from the court in a manner he deems not suitable.

Even though he has rendered an unqualified apology, Hon.Kennedy Agyapong has indicated that the courage to say sorry or apologise isn’t an act of fear.

He has stated that for the sake of peace ,one must apologise when the need arises.

The Honourable Member of Parliament has regardless expressed the confidence he has in the judicial service and has once again indicated how sorry he is for his utterances against the Judiciary.

It is hoped that his anger would not take the better part of him again for him to unduely attack the Judiciary.