Akuapim Poloo and Son
Akuapim Poloo and Son

An alleged anal s3x video involving Ghanaian actress and musician ,Akuapem Poloo is set to be seen on social media very soon.

This is due to the fact that the existence of such a video has gone viral and its only a matter of time, the video would be available for everyone to see.

Unconfirmed reports available to nanansem.com indicates that the young man who had intimacy with Akuapem Poloo both in her anal region as well as her vajayjay is said to have released due to the fact that he claims the actress had infected with gonorhoea.

Archipalago seems to be confirming the gonorrhea assertion.

In another video on social media, a woman is also seen indicating that she has seen the video of Akuapem Poloo being subjected to the normal s3x as well anal s3x.

More updates very soon.