The former HIV/AIDS Ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah never ceases to amaze her fans and followers whenever she hits social media.

Even though in some time past, she used to dance in skimpy dresses which exposes certain parts of her body meant to be hidden and also teases her fans with her sensual moments with one fine gentleman, she now insists she has repented.

Without hiding any truth, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has revealed that when she was in the world and a sinner ,she used to fornicate; that is ,engage in amorous relationships with men.

However ,for now , she claims that she has turned over a new leaf and does not sin anymore.

Its a step in the right direction if she has indeed repented but it should not come as a surprise if she is soon seen on social media doing some crazy stuff a believer wouldn’t have to do.

Take note that through her days of formication ,she managed to have a Member of Parliament buying her a house at Spintex.

Currently ,she is staying in Germany nursing a baby whose father has not shown to name the child and is no where to be found.