Sound engineer and entertainment pundit, Fred Kyei Mensah popularly known as Fredyma has taken to social media to delegate himself to speak on behalf of the NPP with respect to Creative Arts prior to the December 2020 elections.

He did not delegate himself alone but stated that together with Kwasi Ernest who manages a record label and Dada KD who is a musician, they would handling all communications on Creative Arts to ensure the NPP wins the December 2020 elections.

It must be noted that now that both the NPP and the NDC have launched their manifestos, there is so much talk about which political party has the best plan for the Creative Arts industry.

Apart from delegating himself and his colleagues, Fred Kyei Mensah has called on the NPP to resource and motivate them and see the good results that would unfold.

According to him, the NPP has the best policies so far as Creative Arts is concerned adding that effective communication of these policies is what is left to be done .