Joyce Dzidzor

The former HIV/AIDS Ambassador , Joyce Dzidzor Mensah obviously seem to have experienced how it feels to be with a young man as well an old man.

Based on social media post of the former ambassador, she has indicated that it is very stressful to be under the sheets with a young man.

According to her, a young man can turn you around in different ways, raise your legs into the sky , and also bisect and dissect you in the course of intimacy.

Apart from these ,Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has also revealed that a young man can ‘hammer’ you so much for you to feel he wants to tear you apart adding that having an encounter with a young man can make you feel and pant as if you have fought hundred people.

Interestingly, based on her experiences with young men , it is certain that Joyce Dzidzor Mensah would always prefer to be under the sheets with an old man.

She has further asked to be given an old men to enjoy herself with; obviously in the bedroom.