Ghanaian rapper, Cabum is not happy at all and has taken to social media to register his displeasure for an act of a Ghanaian comedian.

According to Cabum ,he hates it if any one uses his property without telling him and in this instance , it has to do with his song which is his intellectual property.

Information available indicates that Ghanaian comedian, Jeneral Ntatia has done a refix of a song belonging to Cabum but it has turned out that he didn’t inform him or seek his consent.

According to Cabum, in as much as Jeneral Ntatia action isn’t right, most people would say he is emotional and quick-tempered if he decides to react.

Regardless of that, he has indicated his resolve to involve his lawyer in this issue but interestingly, he has pointed accusing fingers at Clemento Suarez for giving him information about Jeneral Ntatia’s inappropriate use of his intellectual property.

Cabum’s song in question is titled ‘Devil In My Heart’ and that Of Jeneral Ntatia that has Clemento Suarez on it is titled ‘ A Call At Midnight’.