Former friend of Ghanaian actress and musician, Akuapem Poloo who is known as Susan The Boss has denied being the one to have made public Akuapem Poloo’s nude video.

For the past two days, a nude video of Akuapem Poloo has been trending on social media.

Weeping uncontrollably, Susan The Boss has indicated she is innocent and she is not the one who released the nude video as alleged.

Speaking to Mona Gucci on the Link Up Show on Kantanka TV, she noted that if indeed she is the one who released the nude video, Akuapem Poloo would have called her but she has not.

According to her ,she has only heard voice recordings of Akuapem Poloo accusing her of releasing the video.

She has indicated that she believes Akuapem Poloo herself could be the one behind the release of the nude video for the purpose of becoming famous.

She has therefore advised that the insatiable drive for fame by Akuapem Poloo would not be useful in some years to come.

Susan The Boss maintains that she is not the one responsible for the release of the video as she still loves Akuapem Poloo.