Dr.Fordjour popularly known as Dr.UN who has been in the news with respect to his ‘fake’ UN Awards seems to be overconfident of himself.

Regardless of the fact that his awards scheme has been tagged as fake, he is seen to be very vocal at all times defending himself and the awards he mockingly gave to some notable people in the country.

In a video sighted on social media, Dr.UN has given hints that if Sarkodie does not humble himself but exhibits his pride and ego, he would take his award from him.

He has also indicated that no matter Sarkodie does, there would forever records to show that he awarded him.

Dr. UN has also stated his competent team called Sarkodie even though he has not performed at more shows than Reggie Rockstone or Lord Kenya.

His utterances are likely to infuriate Sarkodie but no one can tell if he would react or not.