Ghanaian rapper currently domiciled in the USA, Asem is at it again and this around, he has decided to drop a freestyle on Sarkodie featuring Prince Bright latest track ‘Gimme Way’ with massive shots thrown at Shatta Wale, others.

Asem has been a thorn in the musical flesh of Sarkodie and now, Shatta Wale and has been resolute in his quest to counteract anything they do or say.

As a result, he believes as a self-acclaimed best rapper, he needs to teach his child, Sarkodie, how to do it best by releasing a freestyle on the same beat of the ‘Gimme Way’ track.

The song has already caught much traction on social media as fans of both Sarkodie and Shatta Wale admit to the fact that Asem is really good and did justice to the rap.

However, the highlight of the whole release is his continuous throwing of jabs at Sarkodie and Shatta Wale to the extent that he said the two failed abysmally in an exam that was conducted for some crop of musicians.

Asem challenged Sarkodie to reach out to him to learn how to rap better. I don’t want to whet your appetite any longer.