Award-winning Ghanaian comedian, DKB has taken to social media to address the perception that he is not tolerant to insults or disrespect even though he insults and disrespects other celebrities.

In his reaction to the misplaced and unfortunate perception, DKB has indicated that he never disrespects or insults any celebrity but only makes fun of them.

He also noted that he only creates humour and does not engage in anything degrading or insulting.

DKB has further emphasized that insults and disrespect isn’t fun for him and as such, he would block anyone on social media who tries it on him.

He also touched on the fun he made of D Black indicating that there is no way D Black would have seen his comment as funny if he had insulted or disrespected him.

This is a quick notice to those who complain that I’m not tolerant to insults or disrespect bcos I ‘insult’ & ‘disrespect’ other celebrities therefore I should contain theirs.Hi dumbo, I never disrespect or insult any celebrity, I make fun of them, word is make FUN meaning nothing degrading or insulting, Look at DBlack responding with laughter, if I insulted him, U think he would have found it funny?

Insulting &disrespecting isn’t FUN for me to tolerate it, I will block ur stupidity.
Go find commonsense.

Happy Friday night to my sensible fans.