Sound engineer and CEO of Highly Spiritual Music, Kaywa has disclosed how musically inexperienced people send him messages insulting him all because he called someone a ‘bathroom singer’.

For most people, the description that one is a bathroom singer is perceived in a bad light and most people would take offence when they are described as such.

He has taken the pain to move onto social media to offer some education about what exactly bathroom singing is all about.

According to Kaywa, bathroom singing or singing in the bath or singing in the shower is a widespread phenomenon that is used to describe passionate music lovers who need more training to become professional singers.

He further indicated that the bathroom creates an aurally reflective pleasing acoustic environment making one sound better even though the person needs more training to become a good professional singer.

Kaywa has noted that the bathroom serves as a better sound system but its ambience is very deceptive as it is enclosed and the acoustics in the room makes one sound better.

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So i see inexperienced people sliding into my DM to insult me becos i called some one a “bathroom singer” Bathroom singing,singing in the bath, or singing in the shower, is a widespread phenomenon it’s a term used to describe Passionate music lovers who need more training to become professional singers .. now THIS IS WHY… the bathroom creates an aurally reflective pleasing acoustic environment,making you sound better,whereas u need more training to become a Pro singer… the bathroom ambience is very deceptive , the room is very enclosed hence,the acoustics in the room makes u sound better, You can't ask for a better sound system than a bathroom…….. Because bathroom tiles don't absorb sound, your voice bounces back and forth around the room before fading away. And because the shower is a small space, it boosts your voice and even adds a little bass and a natural reverb,making your singing sound more powerful… So it actually makes you confident,but to professional ears,YOU NEED MORE TRAINING TO BECOME A PRO SINGER… It is important to understand clearly the criterion we apply as judges to arrive at an ultimate unanimous decisions to choose a Hitmaker!…it is frequently misapprehended….. so pls,I didn’t insult anyone(my values doesn’t even permit that ) …it only means you need more training … if telling some one she needs more training an insult,then i’m sorry…BE WELL INFORMED! Thank you #highlyspiritual #mtnhitmaker9 @richiemensahgh @zionfelixdotcom @ronnieiseverywhere_official @ghkwaku @the_hypenetgh @eazzyfirstlady

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