Ghanaian artiste and husband of Selly Galley , Praye Tietia has taken to social media to describe Radio Personality , Mike Two as a big fool for his comments with respect to Selly Galley raining curses on Henewaa Piesie.

Selly Galley had to rain the curses after she had been described as horror-faced and barren by Henewaa.

The main reason why Praye Tietia got angry and insulted Mike Two is that he indicated that celebrities in Ghana such as Selly Galley should have that big stomach to contain certain things like the insults from Henewaa Piesie.

He also indicated that in as much as Henewaa Piesie’s utterances were not palatable, Selly Galley should know that the ‘constituency’ of social media is without an ‘MP’ and things said there aren’t filtered in anyway.

Mike Two further stated that celebrities that do not want to be insulted or disrespected on social media should leave that space.

One unfortunate question he also asked which may have infuriated Praye Tietia the more is whether Selly Galley has accepted that she is barren.

As if Praye Tietia’s insult isn’t enough, he has threatened to beat Mike Two up whenever he sets his eyes on him;