Due to our increasing traffic everyday , has different forms of advertising policies/ Prices  that is greatly affordable for advertisers to be able to advertise on can boast of about 2 million visits/page views every month which has attracted most advertisers to advertise their products on our website. Our Professional and beautifully designed theme also gives advertisers reasons to advertise with us.

Pricing models on our ads are very affordable and most advertisers are commending us for such great offers.

Pricing Models:

1. The advertiser is charged every time a visitor makes a transaction or purchases a product. These conversions are reported to the advertiser. can either set a price for each conversion or let the advertisers choose their price. Advertisers like this model since it offers the highest quality and return on investment. Advertisers often control the pricing with this model. For example, a lead to book a Hotel can be worth $10 or GH¢50 or more. It means the advertiser will pay you $10 or GH¢50 when a visitor successfully calls/asks about a cruise when looking/clicking on their cruise ad from our website.


2. The advertiser is charged for each click on their ads. Clicks are priced from as low as $0.01 or GH¢0.45p to more than $10 or GH¢45 per click. Either we or advertisers can set the price. However, one of the concerns for advertisers with this model is click frauds. uses an ad server with click-fraud prevention technology to offer protection for our advertisers.


3. CPM (Cost Per Mille, i.e. Cost Per Thousand Impressions)

The advertiser is charged per thousand impressions. Advertisers do not have to worry about inflated clicks as in the CPC model. At a $5 CPM, 10000 visitors a month with an average of 5 ad views each will earn $250. CPM is a very viable model when a publisher has more than 500,000 impressions per month. For smaller advertisers, number of available impressions can be low because of different targeting criteria, including frequency capping, geographical targeting to prevent exceeding advertising budget and yet maintain a high quality traffic.


4. Flat Rate

The advertiser pays a fixed price to display an ad for a period of time. This is popular among advertisers because it is the simplest model with very predictable earning/expense. presents its site metrics (page views, audience reports, CTRs) to the advertisers and name their advertising rates. Advertisers can consider the pros and cons and make a decision to purchase an ad space for a period of time, often one calendar month at a time.

Rates depend on the expected traffic, ad placement location, ad dimension/size, and length of contract. Since the earning is known ahead of time, this model allows  advertisers to budget their costs and predict their profits.

Please note that Charges for various placement dimensions on our site are upheld for security reasons but we can assure advertisers of very affordable prices when we are contacted .

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