Obese couple makes three-story fall after floor collapses during sex

A 640-lbs man and his 450-lbs wife had a rather unusual accident last night as the floor of their apartment collapsed during a particularly intense sexual intercourse, causing the couple to fall three stories lower. Michael Davis and Theresa Walker from Liverpool were having sex in their bedroom on the third floor of an apartment building when the structure collapsed. The couple and their bed fell… Read More

Woman sues Samsung for $1.8M after cell phone gets stuck inside her v@gina

An Albuquerque woman is suing Samsung for $1.8 million after she necessitated medical attention after inserting her cell phone inside her v@gina and was unable to retrieve it for 96 hours. Salma Briant, 39, claims her medical bills at the University of New Mexico Hospital amount to $1,168,000 and that she has suffered from severe psychological distress because of the… Read More

Hot Video : University students prepare stew with candles after their gas finished

Uniosun students (Nigeria) prepare stew with candles This is the moment some Uniosun students improvised by using candles to prepare stew after their gas finished around 11pm, on Wednesday. According to an eyewitness, the gas finished shortly after they finished preparing rice and, left with no where to refill the cylinder at that time of the day, they used some… Read More

‘Dead man’ returns home 1 month after burial, family denies him entry’

Charles Odhiambo had gone missing for about six months and the family resorted to a soothsayer to figure out his possible whereabouts, after they claimed to have received incessant death ‘messages’ through ‘visions’ directing them to local mortuaries to search for him. A 37-year-old man is currently living outside his own home Kenya’s Siaya County because he has been prohibited… Read More

Hot Video : Popular Pastor Vomits Money during deliverance Service

A Nigerian pastor identified as Prophet Andrew Ejimadu is currently the topic of discussion on the internet after a video surfaced online showing him ‘vomit money’. It appears African clerics seem to know how to get people talking. From getting their members to eat grass to converting spiritual money to physical cash, the list of never seems to end. Earlier… Read More