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Hot Video : Ibrah fires gunshot in his bedroom, curses his enemies out of anger

Popular Ghanaian millionaire, Ibrahim Daouda, who is known as Ibrah One has been seen on video firing gunshots in a room.

In a video on YouTube, one of Ghana’s richest young men, who was allegedly accused of money laundering was heard cursing his enemies.

In the video, he said “I curse them. Whoever is with them, whoever is behind them I curse them. May Almighty God strike you down.”

He continued that he had gathered evidence for about 7 or 8 years. He said he would use the evidence to implicate the people he was referring to.

One of Ghana’s richest young men, Ibrah One, who went viral on social media in recent days has once again gained a lot of attention after he was seen firing a pistol in a room.

Ibrah was in the news recently after he was reportedly arrested by a joint team of BNI and Interpol officials in relation to a money laundering scandal.

However, he later denied the rumors of his arrest.

Meanwhile, the Police have also denied arresting the young millionaire over any case of fraud, contrary to media reports.

According to officials of the Police CID, the local chapter of International Police or Interpol and also the Dansoman police station, where he was alleged to have been placed under arrest, no case involving Ibrah was brought to them.

Ibrah is known to be one of the richest young men in the country and is often seen showing off his flashy cars on social media.

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