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Hot Video : Nayas 1 Finally Exposed !Why Ernest Opoku Refused to take the Pregnancy Revealed

Nanansem.com reported that a renowned Gospel musician in Ghana has gone to the extreme of not only been cheating on his wife with a certain renowned actress but has gone ahead to impregnate her.

According to the popular Ghanaian actress, the gospel singer after getting her pregnant aside his wife pleaded with her to abort the unwanted pregnancy because as a “minister of the gospel” who wins souls for Christ, his reputation and credibility are very much at stake.

The actress who was afraid of losing her life through the abortion decided instead to keep the baby but connive with the doctor to pretend she went through with it after the gospel singer had promised to compensate her with GHS5000 and 15 pieces of GTP cloths to abort the illegitimate child. What a world we live in right?

Well, the said Gospel musician is our very own Ernest Opoku and the actress is Gladys Mensah Boaku, a.k.a NAYAS.

NAYAS 1 is also the same person who said in an interview that, she cheated on her old-man boyfriend because he was starving her with sekz and that she was even proud to do that–Well, we guess Ernest Opoku was the person she settled with.

The Gospel musician who’s alleged to have had a secret abortion with Criss Waddle’s Ex-Girlfriend, Yaa Mary, decided to repeat the abominable act this time around victimizing the well-endowed actress, but all his efforts proved futile after the actress failed to take the abortion drug Ernest Opoku bought for her.


Contrary to this story, Nanansem.com has sighted a video that seem to favour Gospel Star Ernest Opoku.

From the Video  an unknown woman who seem to be making waves on Social media has jumped to the defence of Ernest Opoku. According to her Nayas 1 was having affair with other men and Ernest was not happy about it so decided to quit the relationship . However she admitted that Ernest Opoku has had an issue with NAYAS 1 and believes that the pregnancy is not for Ernest Opoku.

She went further to dare Nayas 1  that there should be a DNA test after her delivery to confirm whether indeed the baby belongs to the Gospel star.

She said , She can confirm that Ernest Opoku is not responsible for the pregnancy she is claiming to be there.

She also went on to prove her claims with audios and testimonies from people .

Watch the Video Below:

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