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Hot Video: Vivian Okyere Confirms Love for Yaw Dabo In New Video

An alleged amorous relationship between Kumawood actor Yaw Dabo and Vivian Okyere became the talk of Ghana in 2017. The news shocked many Ghanaians, with some of them advising Yaw Dabo to run for his life for obvious reasons.


Although many people disbelieved the rumours taking into consideration the natural assets of Vivian which is directly opposite of that of midget actor Yaw Dabo. But then, Yaw Dabo has managed to remain silent about the viral allegation comparably to Vivian.


Now, a viral video on the internet captures Vivian Okyere massaging Yaw Dabo to his utmost satisfaction.

In the voice of Yaw Dabo in the video, all those saying Vivian Okyere can’t be his love are wrong. He jokingly added that “If you think it’s yours, come and take it”…in reference to Vivian Okyere.


Contrary, we reported exclusively that Vivian Okyere in an interview with Quoo Fante, host of Around Town on Kessben television quashed the rumours about her amorous relationship with Yaw Dabo. For clarification, read that publication from below;

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