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I let my son’s girlfriend go because she didn’t know how to cook – Kennedy Agyapong

The politician Kennedy Agyapong has revealed during one of the popular cooking shows that he was surprised by the statement of his son’s girlfriend that the person who will prepare food for her man is her mother. Kennedy Agyapong believes that any woman should be skilled when it comes to cooking and admitted that the statement of the girl was wrong.

The son of the politician reacted almost immediately to the statement of his father and showed the door to his girlfriend. The main reason for such decision was the fact that she did not know how to cook and wasn’t very eager to do it for her man.

The remark of Kennedy Agyapong whetted the appetite of the public and heated the debates on social media. The main topic of the debate concerned the role of a woman in a marriage.

Pepper Dem Ministries who is a female member of a group of so-called ‘feminists’ has poured oil on flames stating that obligation to cook for a husband is a kind of ‘slavery’. The reaction to this statement was not long in coming. Many ordinary Ghanaians and public figures reacted strongly.

Dr. Joyce Aryee, for example, expressed her opinion of this issue in an interview with Accra-based Starr FM. She informed the public that she strongly disagrees with the statement that the cooking by a woman is slavery. She thinks that preparing food for a beloved person is something that should not be considered as offensive routine or a kind of slavery. He also added that the process of cooking can be a good chance for a man to help his wife and to talk about how the day passed and to discuss some other things.

Some famous Ghanaians used locker-room language to express their point of view on the appeared debate. For example, Tommy Annan-Forson (a veteran broadcaster) initiated a furious attack on the group of self-proclaimed ‘feminists’. He asked the management of networks to ban the group.

Many citizens of Ghana remembered the position of the famous Nigerian billionaire, the wealthiest woman in Nigeria, Folorunsho Alakija. People cited her. The successful lady revealed to the public that she still prepares food and does washing for her beloved husband and sees no crime in doing her husband pedicure and manicure. She prepares his favorite vegetable dish with great love and picks up him at the airport when he returns from his trips. This successful lady is very busy, but she still finds time to be a wife who cares about her second half and it difficult to say that somebody forces her to do so.

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