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Just In: Kushmai confirms he impregnated Rashida Black Beauty

We are highly disappointed in Rashida Black Beauty, not because she got herself pregnant but the fact that she allowed herself to be impregnated by a boy who has proven that he never loved her and is irresponsible.

Rashida Black Beauty is not above 19 years, so perhaps that explains why she’s so dumb and stupid. She shot into Social media fame when a video of her raining insults on her ex-boyfriend whom we came to know as Kushmai broke up with her and settled with another girl, who was somewhat pretty than her and fairer in complexion.

The video was soo funny that it got soo many shares on Social media, and that was how come Rashida became that popular. After gaining fame, she went ahead to even win a spoof award, something many Ghanaians blasted Viasat 1 for honoring such stupidity and encouraging the young girl to act more stupid.

Weeks, ago news broke that Rashida Black Beauty was pregnant–We were shocked and thought it was just a rumour but she confirmed the news herself not long ago in an interview and was pleading for support.

Rashida Black Beauty was reported to have leaked her own nude video, although she claims it was leaked by another person and that video can be described as the most disgusting leak video to ever come out of Ghana as a ‘housefly was seen hovering around her coochie’ and that video also went so viral that, she got another title to her add to her name; ‘Rashida Housefly’. Despite all of these negative publicities around her, she still got the love of people who defended her actions and popular feminist Anita Erskine even jumped to her defence at the time.

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So who impregnated Rashida Housefly? Media reports said it was Kushmai, the same guy she blasted on Social media for abandoning her. It appears that, in all of it, she never stopped loving Kushmai, considering the fact that, she taught him how to have sekz with a woman. (yes, she said it herself in that interview)

Kushmai was indeed the one who impregnated Rashida and confirmed this in an interview with Zylofon FM , today, March 22nd, 2018 this morning.

According to him, although he’s responsible for the pregnancy, he’s broken up Rashida Black Beauty again but will father the child.

“I’m responsible for Rashida’s pregnancy and I’m going to father the child but I’m not in a relationship with her any longer ” — Kushmai told Zylofon FM.

Pardon me for being blunt, but I think Rashida is just a definition of who a stupid girl is. Now she’s going to become a burden on society. She has no formal education, no skills, no morals, no wealth but upon all the advice given her, she’s still messed up and what’s the end goal in all of these? Kushmai only had his way when she tasted a bit of fame and wooed her to get into her dirty pants again.

Girls should take a lesson from Rashida and learn to use their brains before pulling down their pants.

Now a poor kid would be born into this wicked world and come and learn the circumstances under which he/she was born and feel very stupid in life. I am certain if this kid has the chance to decide on whether to be born or not, it would chose not to be born by such a stupid mom. It hurts, it just fcking hurts people!

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