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Just In : Kweku Manu Finally Granted Bail

Nanansem.com  yesterday reported that Kumawood Actor , Kweku Manu has been arrested by the Ejisu Police Department in Kumasi for a selling unauthorized drinks .

According to Kyenkyinaa Twan, a Kumawood actor who spoke with Kumasi Fm, Kwaku Manu was arrested by a police officer known as Commander 1 Million in Ejisu Township because of how he takes GHS100 bribe from offenders of the law.

According to the actor who spoke with the media, they were selling an imported fruit juice in the Ejisu market when they were confronted by the police officer who questioned where they were selling and their license.

They provided the license to the police but was asked to move from where they were selling and that was when Kwaku Manu accused the police of intentionally harassing them, due to how he kept pestering them everywhere they moved to.

The officer accused Kwaku Manu of insulting him and had him arrested. From the report, he was severely beaten by the officer at the station. But he was granted bail late last night when Ejisu Queen mother and others intervene.

Outside the Ejisu police station where he was detained, a huge crowd was gathered who mobbed and hailed praises on Kwaku Manu when he was finally granted bail.

Speaking to the media, Kwaku Manu spoke against abuse of power by the police and called on the authorities to keep police officers in check.

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