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Revealed: Why Sarkodie Dissed Shatta Wale few days to his ‘Reign’ Album Launch

The internet is boiling at the moment because of one man – Sarkodie. It’s been a long-awaited moment and music fans can’t have enough of it.

Sarkodie has finally responded to Shatta Wale’s recent jabs directed at him.

For those who have no idea about how the beef started, here’s it.

The beef can be traced back to early September when Shatta Wale appeared on Hitz FM to discuss his ‘Reign’ album.

During the interview, he called out Ghanaian artistes for not ‘supporting each other’. He further claimed Sarkodie failed to show up for the video shoot for their collaboration titled ‘Dancehall Commando’, adding that he [Sarkodie] was rather busy shooting music videos with Nigerian musicians.

Sarkodie ignored him on countless occasion but Shatta Wale fired missiles at any least chance. He even went on live on Facebook on several occasions to jab him but was ignored.

But yesterday (October 10, 2018), Sarkodie decided to shut him down – and it came in form of a freestyle, titled ‘My Advice’.

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Sarkodie and Shatta Wale performing together
Sarkodie tackled Shatta Wale’s boisterousness, constant brags about his wealth and properties, reckless jabs at fellow musicians and his alleged sextape leak.

Interestingly, Sarkodie, on a normal day, wouldn’t have responded to Shatta Wale’s attacks but he did today. He had a reason – and that was revealed in his freestyle.

According to one of his verses, he responded because Shatta Wale was destructing him.

He said he was on ‘a mission to put Ghana forward’ thus he ‘put his career on hold so that the up and coming rappers can cash some few dollars.’

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‘Megye me ho di nti mo ntumi mma me tention//bra ma me nkyer3 wo branding ansa na m’ak) pension//me ma mo hypertension//only reason I dey do this bi sake of I’m on a mission to put Ghana forward//had to put career on hold//so say these new artistes can cash out some few dollars//so if I see some destruction//I for address am//cos n*gga dey misuse his powers,’ Sarkodie spits on ‘My Advice’.

Watch the full freestyle below.

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