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Sarkodie’s Manager Finally Responds To Prophetess Who Said Sarkodie is Illuminati

Just recently, a so-called Prophetess came out pointing accusing fingers at rapper Sarkodie that he’s part of Illuminati.

And that he’ll die soon if he doesn’t repent.

Well, Sarkodie as gentle as he is didn’t respond to the vague claims put  across by the Prophetess.

But his manager, Angel Town Baby has responded accordingly slamming the false comments made by the ‘woman of God’.

Sarkodie and manager, Angel Town Baby

Sarkodie and manager, Angel Town Baby

According to Angel Town, Sarkodie is not a member of the illiuminati and neither is he (Angel) therefore the woman’s ramblings are far from the truth.

“Actually I’m not in the illuminati group and believe my artiste Sarkodie, is not as well in that group,” he told GBC.

Angel Town added that Sarkodie would respond as he always does, with his music and said the world should watch out for him very soon.

Source : celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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