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Photos : Tv Shows That Reigned But Now Makes No Sense!

I guess you remember those days when you rushed from school so much in a hurry hoping to catch a glimpse of your favorite tv show before it ended. Do you remember your Sunday afternoons that were just perfect because there was a tv show showing while you ate your sumptuous fufu? Do you remember being late for church service because of a tv show that was being shown on GTV? The funny thing is, when you see those shows now, you will be amazed at how much you loved them.

1. Sinbad

I don’t know any guy my age that didn’t love Sinbad. The series was about a strong man who had a strong crew that aided him in his battles. This guy literally had no muscle but he seemed to conquer just about anything. Oh I loved the fat guy. His strength seemed to lie in his pot belly.

I loved this girl just for one thing..HER BOOBS! I loved the scenes where she sent her eagle as she flaunted her boobs at the screens.

I just dont know why the directors of the movie thought it wise that showing her boobs helped with anything. To be franc, it did! I believed her boobs was part of the reason why little boys loved the show.

2. Journey to the west

OMG! I’d do just about anything in my power not to miss the show. I loved this series. It was popularly known by many in Ghana as Shifo. It’s funny because Shifo meant Master or teacher but that was the simplest name we could give the show.

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The show was about a Monkey-man whose purpose was to fight evil. It was literally impossible to hurt him not to talk of killing him, like NEVER! There was an episode where he was placed in fire. We all thought that was the end but the next episode he erupted with golden eyes! He even became stronger because of the fire! Eii

This character could literally fly to heaven to sleep with beautiful girls,drink wine,eat apples,strawberries and fight gods. Eii Shifo! It was one entertaining show with all the fakes and the lies. We loved it that way!

3. Knight Rider!

Kw33! Knight Rider was one of my favorite tv shows. It was basically about a car that could talk and move on it’s own. The car was instrumental in eradicating evil and solving crime cases in the society. The car was in-destructive; no weapon or accident could destroy the car.

This car could literally talk to people and chase bad guys without anybody driving in it. The car was the star of the movie and for a boy my age to see a car that could do stuff like that was freaking awesome! I loved knight rider to the core! A talking car was mind blowing…WOWOW!

5. Cantata

This was the reason why sunday fufu tasted better; it literally added flavor to the fufu itself. Wow…what a show! A show where everything becomes a song; insults, pick up lines, stammering-anything at all was music on this show. It was a sight behold when Abrobbey sang and danced on the screens as Akuma displayed her thick backside on our screens on a hot sunday afternoon.

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There was nothing even more memorable than Julie Juu’s make-up and hairstyles on the show. They were sometimes almost terrifying but it was part of the reason why we loved the show. Cantata taught us that in this world anything could be music. The best way to insult someone is through music; just sing it, people will sit down for hours and enjoy while they ate. I loved the morals the show taught as well. It was a great show. ‘Paano shew’

Will add more to this list later. If you have more of these, will like to see them in the comments section so that I can add up later. Thanks GTV for making our childhood memorable. If you watched these in your adulthood, then master…madam…you are too hot for your age.

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