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EXPOSÉ: How Konadu RAWLINGS ordered her bodyguard’s MURDER on ’31st Night’

Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, wife of Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings has been exposed by an insider who led the charge on the broadcasting house during the 1981 coup, Matthew Adabuga of allegedly masterminding the cold murder of her bodyguard because she became uncomfortable with what he knows after guarding her for some time.

Ex-Corporal Adabuga, who is now an aid worker in Norway was a personal bodyguard of Mr Rawlings before they fell out and had to embark on an exile.

Adabuga was speaking on Andy D TV  following the launch of his book, “Rawlings Murder and Lies” in which he chronicled the alleged crimes of Mr Rawlings, which he alleges included the abduction and murder of  a Major and the 3 High Court Judges, revealing again, as he did at the National Reconciliation Commission, that he was present when Amartey Kwei came to inform Mr Rawlings about the judges’ “successful  operation”. He said Rawlings walked to the fridge and took a champagne to pop and smile.

According to Matthew Adabuga Mrs Konadu Rawlings is as guilty as her husband when it comes to the murder and he admits that while he also has blood on his hands as a bodyguard “who was used” for some operations, he is willing to atone, but that Mrs Rawlings is also “murderer” and has blood on her hands.

I came to the NRC under Kufuor and told them everything I know and did. Anto was a fine officer from the Volta Region who was assigned to Mrs Rawlings by her husband himself. She worked with him for a long time until the 31st night when she ordered him to be shot at close range because he had seen and heard things.”He revealed, daring her to challenge him as he has more on her and her husband.

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“Today she said she is a saint?”He laughed.

“As for the NRC, they just listened and wrote their report that’s all. But I told them I am willing to die for my sins. I was willing to be hanged or shot when I appeared before NRC. I told them, because we did a lot of bad things for which we should not be alive today, yes” he told Andy D TV.

“We did things. We did bad things against this country and many families. Mrs Rawlings and her husband must seek forgiveness for their crimes too.” He added.

“That woman is a murderer. She is not clean too, I am telling you she expressly ordered the murder of Anto Mess on 31st Night because he knows too much after guarding her for some time.”

Source: MyNewsGH.com

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