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Hot Video+ Photos : 4-yr-old sustains severe wounds from teacher’s canes over Homework

A four-year-old girl of New Page School in Kokomemle in Accra is nursing severe wounds after her teacher hit her many times with a cane because, she failed to do her homework herself.

The Kindergarten Two girl’s father, Emmanuel Agyekum, who was incensed by the whip marks on her daughter’s skin said he went to school to inquire what happened but the unrepentant teacher told him to take the matter anywhere he wishes to.



“This is not the first time. I think this has happened on three or four occasions. And today when I saw the girl I wasn’t happy at all.

“I went to the school and the teacher exchanged words with me. The teacher said she [little girl] doesn’t do her homework or the homework wasn’t done with her handwriting. The little girl said her brother did it for her,” the girl’s angry dad told Joy News’ Joojo Cobbina.



Watch more in the video below.

Source : Joynews

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