Zabzugu to hold state of emergency – MP declares

The torrential that washed some parts of the country on Thursday March 15 has left many displaced in the Zabzugu district of the northern region of Ghana.

The current state of the electoral area has left the Member of Parliament of Hon. Alhassan Umar without an option than to call for a declaration of a state of emergency.

He has also called on the authorities of the district assembly to request from the central government to provide packages for the residents in the area who have not received aid from the National Disaster management Organisation (NADMO) of the region.

The heavily affected areas include Golanyili, Kugani, Nakpali and several other communities.

In his statement, Hon. Alhassan said, “two communities have been turned upside down”.

Due to the destruction, some of the residents were forced to perch in the homes of some friends and families in tiny rooms whiles others slept under trees.

The current state, as indicated by the MP if delayed could worsen the situation of the residents.

“My appeal to the DA and DCE is to fasten up because the rains would set in very soon. This is March, by April we should start experiencing it…so whatever they are doing they should hasten up and come to the aid of the victims to ensure that these victims have some roof over their heads before the rain comes”, Hon. Alhassan added.

The district assembly have visited the area to gather information on the happenings and are yet to provide a way out for the affected indegenes.

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Trees and structures have been raised to the ground as a result of the rainstorm.

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