Bicycle rider ‘Chops’ 2 prostitutes and later says he doesn’t have money

A young man who had no money but daringly had sex with prostitutes in Iree of Nigeria’s Osun State was subjected to serious embarrassment as two of the sex workers hijacked him left and right demanding their cash.

One of the sex workers identified as “Enu o gbeni” is reported to have said the unnamed man and his friend had come on bicycles to patronise the services of two of them.

However, after sexually easing themselves, the two guys decided to run away without paying for the service patronised.

Though one of them succeeded in absconding, the aggressive and shameless ladies were able to arrest the other man and held him hostage.

They then called their ‘queenpin’ who quickly dispatched private security men to the scene to bring the guy.

In a very hilarious video making rounds on social media, the young man is seen begging the ladies for freedom as they hold his dress left and right, giving him no space to flee.

Some men believed to the so-called security guards sent by the boss of the prostitutes also arrived at the scene and started questioning the obviously disturbed man.


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Well, there is only one important lesson here to learn. If you don’t have money, don’t walk into any shop to buy stuff, regardless of how attractive they look.

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