Hot Video : Obinim delivers 56 year old Justice Atuguba’s ex-wife from bed-wetting

It was a sad scene at the International Godsway Church headed by Bishop Obinim Popularly Known as ‘Angel’ Obinim when a woman was delivered from Bedwetting. Deborah Adam who says she has two children with the popular Justice of the Supreme Court of Ghana, Atuguba.

Madam Deborah Adam gave her testimony that  she traveled to New Jersey in the United States to visit one of her sons  and only woke up the next day to see urine all over the bed.

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She continued that, her son’s wife noticed her embarrassment but she couldn’t gather the courage to ask her.

This act which she deemed as embarrassing continued the next day till she decided to see a doctor.

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All efforts were made by the doctor to cure her but to no avail.

She returned to Ghana and still, the bedwetting continued until she tuned in to a television to pray with Obinim.

She continued to watch ‘Angel’ Obinim with faith and Prayed with him.

To test if indeed, she has been delivered, she traveled again to the States, slept at where she slept at her son’s house but luckily for her she didnt wet the bed.

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And for three years now, she has not been bedwetting.

Watch the Video below :


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